Raewyn Turner

Raewyn Turner

My work uses the media of video, light, smell and new technologies for screen, installation and live performance, as well as painting.

My concerns are with cross-sensory perception and the uncharted territories of the senses.  I’m interested in nature’s ocean of light, sound and olfactory signals, the effects of colour on the skin, covert fragrances,  the compensatory mechanisms in the  blind and deaf persons through which they see and feel the world, and social communications technologies which are encouraging an extrasensory or subsensory awareness

  • Auckland University of Technology    MA & D (1st Class Honours) 2008

2011 Expanding Documentary  XIIIth Biennial Conference Auckland University of Technology

2011 Artist residency with Monell, USA. Fulbright Travel Award

2011   Aroma Jockey : Sencity music event in New Zealand smell, taste, see and feel the music

2011      ReSense New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Then, Now, When. Wellington

2011       SCANZ 2011: Eco Sapiens —International Artists Residency, PLUME. New Plymouth, NZ

2010   Internettraces: Experimental Integrated Data Work. Collaboration with Mary Griffiths,Australia. Performance  at Original Orifice : Where Art Collides, Auckland, March

2010  ReSense exhibition at MIC Toi Rerehiko, Auckland, NZ. Collaboration with Diana Burgoyne, Canada

2010 Fragrant Earth, Environmental Art Installation, Commissioned by  Tawharanui Open Sanctuary

2010 Co-host for Multisensory Perception  online discussion on YASMIN, moderated list for art-science-technology interactions around the Mediterranean Rim

2010 Screening of Lucky Triangle Stratos TV NZ Documentary 3rd Sep

2009-2010 PLUME Art + Science Collaboration.  Collaboration Raewyn Turner & Richard Newcomb, molecular biologist. Smash Palace Funding.

2009 Co-Production with the Banff New Media Institute and Diana Burgoyne, Artist Residency  Banff and Vancouver. Re/Sense : Raewyn Turner ( NZ) & Diana Burgoyne ( Canada)

2008 Panel Luminous Green, FoAM Media Lab, ISEA, Singapore.

2007 The New Zealand National Exhibit of Performance Art/Design, 11th Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre Architecture 2007,Prumyslovy Palace, Prague. Installation: Prague Quadrennial 07   Indications  and A  Translation of Music into Chocolate

2006 International  Artist Residency  SCANZ art, technology and culture event, WITT, New Plymouth, NZ

2004 Digital Artist in Residence, Screen and Media, University of Waikato, New Zealand

2002 – 2005 Board Member, Moving Image Centre MiC, Auckland

2002 Commission: for Audio Visual opening of APRA Silver Scroll Music Awards, Auckland. Video interpretation of Neil Finn’s song Turn and Run

Conceptual Artist Designer/operator Four Senses Multisensory Concerts. Aotea Youth Symphony Orchestra, 1999, Avondale College Theatre, Auckland,2002 Dorothy Winstone theatre. Documentation:

2000 Designer APRA Silver Scroll Anniversary Music Awards : Multisensory environment  of video, light, sound, smell.

1997 ENZSO, Designed and Directed Lumia Australia. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra,Youth Choir,Eddie Rayner,Split Enz

1996 ENZSO, Designed and Directed Lumia  New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, Eddie Rayner, Split Enz, Poet Sam Hunt.

1975-1983 Stage Lighting, Stage Set Designer, Lighting Director., Lighting Operator for Split Enz — Toured extensively Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Europe, USA, Canada.  Awarded Gold, Silver, Platinum albums A&M Records

Publications and Papers

2009 Artist Presentation, Installation  Re/Sense Raewyn Turner & Diana Burgoyne. Third  International Congress on Synaesthesia, Science and Art, Granada, Spain, Parque de las Ciencias, Granada.     Published in MuVi

Lucky ’Raewyn Turner. ‘Art In the Biotech Era’, Melentie Pandilovski, Editor, Published by the Experimental Art Foundation Australia.

2008 Artist Presentation  Pick Up Styx in Corporeal Interfaces, ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Singapore

Perfumes for Fear, Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand , Lane, Clothier, The Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader  Edited by Stella Brannan and Su Ballard, publisher:Aotearoa Digital Arts and Clouds.

2007 Indications and Four Senses MuVi. Video and Moving Image on Synesthesia and Visual Music, POLI.Design, Milan. Second International Conference “Synaesthesia: Science & Art” Granada, Spain

2006 LUCKY products for gamblers, Generative Art Conference, Milan, Department of Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano University

2005 World Tree Raewyn Turner & Colin Beardon. Featured on front page

2004 Four Senses Interactive painting an evolving study to facilitate reduced exclusion from classical music concerts for the deaf community. A Lewis-Brooks. Proc.5th Intl Conf Disability, Virtual Reality & Assoc. Tech., Oxford, UK

2003 Example Olfactory Translations and Interpretations Raewyn Turner. On Smell, Performance Research, Vol.8, Nos.1-4, UK.

2006 Artists Presentation  Intersensory Translations Sound/Bodies: ‘What Sound Does A Colour Make?’ Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth

2002 Generative Art Conference GA2002 Milan 11-13 December Spatial Forms Generated by Music — The Case Study. Raewyn Turner & Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic, published at as a PDF file

MultisensorySpaces Four Senses  Multisensory Concerts on E-teaching Platform and Online Archive for Media Art,

2000 Artists Presentation Video, Light, Sound. “INTERSENS; correpondances & nouvelles technologies”, Laboratoire Musique et Informatique de Marseille, Supported by Ambassade de France en Nouvelle-Zelande

Synergistic Activities

2010 Performance  Internettraces: Experimental Integrated Data Work Raewyn Turner &Mary Griffiths,  Performance at Sensory and Consumer Science Laboratory, Plant and Food Research. Auckland NZ

Performance  Internettraces: Experimental Integrated Data Work Performance at Original Orifice : Where Art Collides, Auckland, NZ

Environmental Art Installation Fragrant Earth, Art in The Woolshed 2010, Commission Tawharanui Open Sanctuary, NZ

2009 Exhibition Re/Sense Raewyn Turner& Diana Burgoyne MuVi at the Parque de  las Ciencias , Third international Congress on Synaesthesia, Science and Art, Granada, Spain

Exhibition Re/Sense, Raewyn Turner& Diana Burgoyne. Interactive Futures’09: Stereo IF’09:Stereo), Intersections Digital Studios, Emily Carr University of Art +Design, Vancouver

2009 Crossing Wires :3 week art + science  installation performance : Plume Art + Science Collaboration Raewyn Turner & Richard Newcomb. Karangahape  Rd, Auckland

Solo interactive Performance Pick Up Styx2,. One Minute for One, series of one minute Performances  for one person: Auckland Heritage Festival, NZ

2007 Artist Presentation: ‘Multisensory Concerts’  Scenofest , Prague Quadrennial 07, Czech Republic, 19.6.07

2007 Paper : Generic Processes Based On Spatial Interpretation of Music Collaboration Raewyn Turner & Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic, School of Architecture, University of Belgrade, published at as a PDF file

2006 Artists Presentation LUCKY  products for gamblers, Generative Art Conference, Milan 13-15 December 2006. Department of Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano University  published

2006 World Tree Raewyn Turner& Colin Beardon,  Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Georges Pompidou Center

Visiting Lecturer –Multidisciplinary Artist- ‘5100  3 week intensive Multidisciplinary Course’, Unitec

2005 World Tree Raewyn Turner & Colin Beardon, Graphite and ACM Siggraph International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques 3rd in Australasia and Southeast Asia

World Tree Raewyn Turner& Colin Beardon, 11 International Festival of Electronic Art 404,Rosario, Argentina

2004 Video peoplesheep ’NZ Film  Festival, Homegrown Documentary.

2002 Video: Cycle Engines, Water,  ST@RT_UP: new interactive media, Te   Papa National Museum of New Zealand, Wellington, July 2002 -Jan 2003.

2000 Video:Cycle Engines Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Freewaves 7th Festival of Experimental Media.

Video:’Cycle Engines’ Through the Looking Glass – Digital Creativity at the Turn of the Millenium, Curator: Patrick Lichty: Beachwood Centre for the Arts, Beachwood, Ohio,