Raewyn Turner


  • Presentation  and screening Expanding Documentary  XIIIth Biennial Conference Auckland University of Technology : Take My Shoes
  • Artists Residency at the Monell Chemical Senses  Center, Philadelphia, USA
  • Fulbright NZ Travel Award, artist residency with Monell Chemical Senses Center, USA
  •  Olfaction: from Anatomy to Art. Turner and Reed, series of lectures to students age 16 to 19 at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia.  
  • Presentation  of PLUME Govett-Brewster, New Plymouth.  SCIENCE MEETS ART: Olfactory and sensory scientist Dr Richard Newcomb and artist Raewyn Turner
  • Aroma Jockey, Sencity music event, Auckland, New Zealand smell, taste, see and feel the music
  • Presentation Art/Science collaboration and PLUME project, Turner and Newcomb, AUT Creative Technologies, Auckland
  • Exhibition  ReSense New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Then, Now, When. NZAFA summer art show: The exhibition poses questions about New Zealand identity through its history of art alongside guest artists John Rundle, Raewyn Turner and Mark Bellringer.
  • Artist Presentation New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts
  • Project Presentation PLUME 4000 varieties of Orange SCANZ 2011: Eco Sapiens — Hui/Symposium, Owae Marae, Waitara, Taranaki:
  • SCANZ 2011: Eco Sapiens —International Artists Residency, Selected Creative Residency Project: PLUME.: 4000 Varieties of Orange New Plymouth, NZ
  • Presentation Govett- Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth:PLUME    4000 Varieties of Orange Collaboration with Brian Harris



  • Performance of Sweatshirt prototype, Raewyn Turner & Diana Burgoyne,closing event  LIVE. RE PEAT. PLAYBACK, St Paul St Gallery.
  • Exhibition ReSense, FLAP and Lucky at  MIC Toi Rerehiko, Auckland, NZ. Collaboration D. Burgoyne, Canada
  • Co-host with Richard Newcomb Multisensory Perception online discussion on YASMIN, a network of artists, scientists, engineers, theoreticians and institutions promoting communication and collaboration in art, science and technology around the Mediterranean Rim. The YASMIN mailing list was made possible thanks to ISOC (Internet Society), The Rockefeller Foundation, Leonardo/OLATS, The University of Athens, Artnodes – UOC Barcelona and all the coordinators from the “YASMIN Group”. It is co-sponsored by the DigiArts Programme of UNESCO.
  • Tasting the Digital, Internettraces: Experimental Integrated Data Work, Collaboration with Mary Griffiths, Head of Media, Adelaide University, Australia. Performance at Sensory and Consumer Science Laboratory, Plant and Food Research
  • Tasting the Digital, Internettraces: Experimental Integrated Data Work Collaboration with Mary Griffiths, Head of Media, Adelaide University, Australia. Performance at Original Orifice : Where Art Collides, Auckland, March 2010
  • Fragrant Earth Environmental Art Project, Art in The Woolshed 2010, Tawharanui Open Sanctuary


  • Re/Sense: Interactive Furtures’09: Stereo IF’09:Stereo), Intersections Digital Studios at Emily Carr University of Art +Design, Vancouver
  • PLUME Art + Science Collaboration with Richard Newcomb. Crossing Wires :3 week installation performance, K Rd, Auckland (Smash Palace support)
  • One Minute for One, series of Performances z: Pick Up Styx2, Auckland Heritage Festival.
  • Re/Sense : MuVi at the Parque de las Ciencias , Third international Congress on Synaesthesia, Science and Art, Granada, Spain 2009 (CNZ travel grant support)
  • Re/Sense : collaboration with electronics artist Diana Burgoyne ( Canada) ,Co-Production with the Banff New Media Institute 2nd Feb
  • Music Drawing, The Collected Works of T S Spivett, Reiff Larsen
  • Metro magazine Article June 2009: Raewyn Turner by Frances Morton , Arts Editor/Staff Writer


  • Masters in Art and Design with First Class Honours, AUT, New Zealand
  • Kate Edgar Educational Charitable Trust Award
  • ‘Lucky’ “Art in the Biotech Era” ,Experimental Art Foundation, Australia, publication
  • Panel and Workshop Luminous Green, FoAM Media Lab, ISEA
  • Presentation Pick Up Styx, in Corporeal Interfaces (Chair: Margaret Tan) the academic conference at ISEA2008 in Singapore, the International Symposium on Electronic Art initiated in 1988, (CNZ travel grant support )
  • AUT Faculty Design and Creative Technologies Research Excellence Scholarship (Art & Design)


  • Presentation: ‘Multisensory Concerts’ Scenofest , Prague Quadrennial 07, Czech Republic, 19.6.07
  • OBJECTive Art Award Exhibition, Manukau Arts, Auckland
  • Research : Geneva, Prague, London, Versailles. Trip supported by CNZ and CTL at AUT
  • Participated in CIANT and TranSiStor Game Modifications and Machinima Films, 4 – day intensive workshop, Prague , supported by CIANT
  • Prague Quadrennial 07 Indications: a translation of music into chocolate, installation, Selected for The New Zealand National Exhibit of Performance Art/Design that will be participating at the 11th Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre Architecture 2007,Prumyslovy Palace, Prague. A cross disciplinary approach to performance media; lighting, sound, projection, set design, costume, sensory, surface, body and space. Curated by Tracey Collins and Sue Gallagher.
  • Generic Processes Based On Spatial Interpretation of Music Collaboration with Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic, School of Architecture, University of Belgrade, published at as a PDF file
  • Second International Congress Synaesthesia, Science & Art, 28thApril-1st May, Granada, Spain. Conference and MuVi
  • ‘ Indications ‘ and ‘Four Senses Multisensory Concerts’, video in MuVi
  • AUT Faculty Design and Creative Technologies Postgraduate Full Fee scholarship ( Art and Design)


  • LUCKY products for gamblers, Generative Art Conference, Milan 13-15 December 2006. Department of Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di Milano University
  • ‘World Tree ‘Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Centre 23rd of November to the 2nd of December 2006 in Paris at Jeu de Paume, the French Cinémathèque, the Théâtre Paris-Villette, the Cinéma l’Entrepôt, the Cinéma du Monde, and in 3 cultural institutes, and Georges Pompidou Center
  • Visiting Lecturer –Multidisciplinary Artist- 5100 3 week intensive Multidisciplinary Course, Unitec Presentation Perfumes for Fear: No.1.GREEN , Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth: Scanz Artists Presentations
  • SCANZ Solar Circuit, Polar Circuit, International Artists Residency,WITT, New Plymouth, NZ
  • Sound/Bodies, Presentation Intersensory Translations Winter Forum Artists Talks, John Cousins, Raewyn Turner, Richard Nunns ‘What Sound Does A Colour Make?’ Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth
  • Presentation of work: AUT 3rd year Spatial Design
  • Program Committee Member, Peer review, ArtAbilitation Conference: Helping Through Art, 2006, Performance Arts Centre, Musikhuset Esbjerg, Denmark.


  • 4th CVS Summer School on Animal Navigation and Robotics, Centre for Visual Sciences, Research School of Biological Sciences, National Institute of Bioscience, Australian National University, Canberra
  • Vodafone Digital Art Awards, net art, Worldtree collaboration with Colin Beardon. World Tree and Littoral ( work in progress):
  • Graphite 2005 and ACM Siggraph Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
  • 11 International Festival of Electronic Art 404,Rosario, Argentina
  • Auckland Arts Festival, Gleem Festival “The sky is Everywhere” triangle of light , perfume and sound, 3 brand new mini Cooper cars sponsored by BMW , sound by Daniel Newnham, UK
  • Screen Innovation grant $25,000, towards creating a 15 minute experimental documentary on ‘Lucky’
  • World Tree, Time in Jazz “Digital Trance”, Sardinia, Italy, curated by Giannella De Muro
  • World Tree featured on front page
  • New World Chaos, Artstation, Auckland ’PeaceLinen’ Practical Activism, drawings and writings on bedlinen on beds of honeycomb


  • Biotech Art workshop. Adelaide Arts Festival, Symbiotica and Experimental Art Foundation, Australia
  • NZ Film Festival, Homegrown Documentary, ‘peoplesheep’
  • New Alchemists Recycled Art exhibition, NZ, Australia. ‘unmentionables’ g-string garment made from artifacts from the Great Depression era, with smell element of a copy of a luxury perfume and mold.
  • ‘Lucky’ Art , Culture and Biotechnology, publication Experimental Art Foundation
  • Digital Artist in Residence, Screen and Media,University of Waikato
  • Presentation of Lucky Project, Expanded Documentary Conference, Victoria University,Wellington
  • ‘Seventies’ Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, Painting work,Split Enz album cover,’Frenzy’


  • ‘On Smell’, the third issue of Performance Research, Vol.8, Nos.1-4, Performance Research, Dartington College of Arts, UK, “Example Olfactory Translations and Interpretations This issue of Performance Research explores the body and the senses in performance in four related issues. It is jointly edited by Richard Gough, (editor and co-founder of Performance Research) and guest editor Judie Christie, Executive Producer, both of the Centre for Performance Research/University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.
  • Presentation: SPARK FESTIVAL Organised by the Media Arts Creative Industries Research Centre at the Waikato Institute of Technology.
  • ‘Dance and the Senses’ Workshop: Unitec Tertiary Dance Festival
  • ‘ Multidisciplinary Collaboration’ Presentation: Unitec, 3rd Year Dance


  • Short Fuse Screenings,Classic Cinema, Auckland. video : Turn and Run
  • Generative Art Conference GA2002 Milan 11-13 December Spatial Forms Generated by Music — The Case Study. Collaboration with Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic, School of Architecture, University of Belgrade, published at as a PDF file
  • ST@RT_UP: new interactive media, Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, Wellington, July 2002 -Jan 2003. Video: Cycle Engines, Water
  • APRA Audio Visual Commission: Video interpretation of Neil Finn’s song ‘Turn and Run’ which opened APRA Silver Scroll Music Awards, Auckland
  • DOCUMENTARY MATTERS, Screen Directors Guild, Auckland
  • MiC, exhibition, Sonnet 1.6.02 by Raewyn Turner, [phage] by Mary Flanagan (Canada)
  • 4th annual VANCOUVER VIDEOPOEM FESTIVAL ‘More Than Words’, Vancouver, Canada November 14 – 16, 2002
  • False Emotions, International Group Exhibition at the Kunstbunker Tumulka, Munich, November 2002. Installation: multisensory ‘Breath’, olfaction-only work: ‘LUXURY. False Emotion Documentation:’ False Emotions
  • Out Of The Dark, group exhibition light artists, ASA Gallery, Auckland
  • The Banff Centre ‘Up Front and Personal’ Thematic Residency, Media Visual Arts, Banff, Canada. Supported by The Banff Centre, the Tindall Foundation, and Ray Turner
  • ‘Four Senses’ Multisensory Concerts multisensory concerts for all abilities with the Aotea Youth Symphony, Touch Compass, Hands signing Choir and Kaitlin Smith, in collaboration with Tony Brooks, Dorothy Winstone theatre, Auckland. Documentation:MultisensorySpaces
  • 15th fAf fineArt forum Anniversary Travelling Screening Program, fineArt in motion has been screened at:
    • 4th international art-sci symposium, organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI);
    • e-phos 2002: 4th International Festival of Film & New Media, Greece (25–30 Sept 2002);
    • 7th Malaysian Video Awards, Malaysia (5 Sept 2002);
    • 3Muestra Internacional de Videoarte Cartagena/Barranquilla, Columbia (16 Aug 2002);
    • 6 Festival Internacional de Video/Arte/Electronica 2002, Lima, Peru (13 Jul 2002);
    • de Video/Arte/Electronica 2002, Lima, Peru (13 Jul 2002);
    • Media Resource Centre, Adelaide, Australia (30 Jul 2002);
    • Incubation 2, The 2nd trAce International Conference on Writing and the Internet, Nottingham, UK (15–17 Jul 2002)
    • The Substation: A Home for the Arts, Singapore (20 Jun 2002);
    • Videotage, Hong Kong (21 Feb 2002);
    • 4th Annual Art in General Video Marathon, New York, USA (12 Jan 2002);
    • Digital Media Festival 2001, Manila, Philippines (9 Oct 2001); and
    • Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival, Brisbane, Australia (Oct 2001).
  • The Holiwater Project, Smell Art. Splore Festival, Waharau, New Zealand
  • Board Member, Moving Image Centre MiC, Auckland
  • Presentation: “Sonnet 1.602” ‘Documentary Matters’, Screen Directors Guild, Auckland
  • Presentation: Multisensory Environments: Unitec, 3rd Year Design students
  • Lecture: Coloured Light: Unitec, Dance School, Auckland


  • MAAP Festival, Brisbane, Australia
  • IOTA Salon, November Screenings, LA, Calif
  • VIDEOTREE, Firenze, Italy. Video: Sonnet 1
  • HiFi, MiC Gallery, performance collaboration with Mark Harvey, Auckland, artist, and Peter Ford, hypnotist, Auckland
  • 15th fAf fineArt forum Anniversary Travelling Screening Program
  • ‘Electronic Painting’ Video Space, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia
  • Solo Exhibition MiC Gallery, Auckland, ‘Water and Breath’ video, sound, smell: Water, Breath, Imagine
  • Ignite 2001 Digital Media Symposium, MiC and The British Council, Auckland, New Zealand, Artists Presentation.
  • INTERDIGITATE ‘Untampered Original by Morag Brownlie, SCARPA theatre, Auckland
  • Short Fuse Screenings, Classic Cinema, Auckland. Video: Cycle Engines
  • Presentation: Eden Arts, Maungawhau/Mt Eden Community Arts
  • Presentation: Ignite Festival2001, Digital Media Symposium, MiC and The British Council, Auckland, New Zealand


  • INTERSENSES AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES: MIM in collaboration with Electronic Music Foundation, New York, Leonardo (MIT Press Journals), and Laboratoire de Neurocybernetique Cellulaire. Artists Presentation
  • Intersenses and New Technologies, MIM, MIT, Marseilles PDF L’Video, Light, Sound’
  • MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART LOS ANGELES, November. Freewaves 7th Festival of Experimental Media. Los Angeles. Video:Cycle Engines
  • Louis Vuitton Ball, Americas Cup Celebration, Olfaction installation
  • APRA SiILVER SCROLL MUSIC AWARDS multisensory environment of video, light, sound, smell
  • ANAT ALCHEMY: International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane, Australia.
  • PETERS MUIR PETFORD Gallery, Auckland, Solo exhibition, paintings
  • THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS – Digital Creativity at the Turn of the Millenium, Curator: Patrick Lichty: Beachwood Centre for the Arts, Beachwood, Ohio,
  • DELIGHT light works, Artstation, Auckland
  • RENCONTRES DU 13 AVRIL -LIFE IN SPACE, Leonardo/OLATS, OURS Foundation and the International Academy for Astronautics -Paris
  • SHOMEIDO GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
  • RADIATOR DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL with Active Ingredient, CODA, TRAMPOLINE, Hockley, Nottingham
  • REAL vol. 3, Co-exist exhibition Tokyo, Japan


  • Conceptual Artist ‘Four Senses’ multisensory series of concerts, Auckland, Aotea Youth Symphony Orchestra, Designed, directed and operated light and smell. Avondale College Theatre, Auckland
  • Breath’, collaboration in light and dance, 3-minute TV RAD, Choreographer Mary Jane O’Reilly.
  • Romeo And Juliet’, ‘Crater Dance’, season of dance performance, Auckland Ballet, Bruce Mason Theatre, Auckland Choreographer ,Mary Jane O’Reilly.


  • ENZSO, Designed and Directed Lumia for season of perfomances in Australia. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, Eddie Rayner, Split Enz


  • ENZSO, Designed and Directed Lumia for season of performances in N.Z. with New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, Eddie Rayner, Split Enz, Sam Hunt.


  • Album Cover Painting, ‘Horse’, Eddie Rayner


  • Bad Mothers, Founding Member, Melbourne, Australia.


  • Artist In The Community, full time employment for the Community Education Advisory Committee, which formed the ACKDA Program (Arts In The Community in the Kew, Deepdene area), Melbourne.
  • Murals:
    • Glendonald School For Deaf Children, Kew.
    • Sacred Heart Primary School, Kew, Melbourne.
  • ‘Danceworks at The Church’, The Australian Contemporary Theatre, Melbourne. Lighting Designer and Mechanist, Director Nannette Hassle
  • Odyssey Of A Prostitute’ written by Jack Hibberd, at the Australian Contemporary Theatre (the Church), Lighting Designer, Lighting Director, Directed by John Ellis
  • Vince Jones And Quintet Jazz Performance. Designed and painted sets, Designed and Directed Lighting, The Melbourne Concert Hall, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne
  • Consultant Designer-stage sets and lighting:
  • Mental As Anything, contemporary music performance
  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Concert Hall
  • ‘Ticks In Hell’, Universal Theatre, Melbourne


  • ‘Black and White Closet Series’ La Mama, Melbourne, theatre set and Lighting Designer, and Mechanist for season of plays, Directed by Martyn Christmas.
  • Stuck’ Book cover painting, A. Turner ( no relation), Published by Penguin Books
  • Paintings for film sets, Melbourne, Australia.
  • On The Road Diary, Rip It Up, September, Raewyn Turner
  • Essay, Raewyn Turner, Stranger Than Fiction, Editor Mike Chunn, New Zealand


  • Visual Dimension. Sonic Magazine, Australia. Raewyn Turner


  • Sweetwaters Music Festival, N.Z. Designed and Directed Lights for International and Local artists- three day, contemporary music festival


Split Enz : Frenzy

  • Album Cover Painting, ‘Frenzy’, Split Enz


  • Stage Lighting, Stage Set Designer, Lighting Director., Lighting Operator for Split Enz — Toured extensively Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Europe, USA, Canada
  • Live Performances Recordings: television, films, video, including
  • Sight and Sound, BBC, London
  • Live In Concert, MTV Television, Hamilton, Canada
  • Nightmoves-Split Enz, Channel 7, Melbourne, Australia
  • Split Enz Live at The Regent, 1982, Sydney, Australia


  • Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

Grants and Awards


  • National Bank Art Awards


  • ASA Portrait Competition


  • Arts Council; Grant, Queen Elizabeth 11, Arts Council, New Zealand


  • Selected to attend First national Bank Art Workshop, Wellington, New Zealand

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2001 Moving Image Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 2000 Peters Muir Petford Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1998 Archill Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1995 Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1995 Test Strip, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1993 Melbourne Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1987 Niagara Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1982 Denis Cohn Gallery, Auckland, new Zealand
  • 1980 Denis Cohn Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Selected Group Exhibitions


  • REAL vol 3, Co-exist exhibition in Tokyo, Japan
  • Virtual TART,‘Exhibition 1999’, Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Tokyo
  • Heads You Win, Luck Fun Gallery, Auckland
  • 100 x 100 Exhibition, McPherson Gallery, Auckland
  • A5 Minor Masterpieces, Luck Fun Gallery, Auckland


  • Group Show, Warwick Henderson Gallery
  • Pin Ups. Drawings Gallery
  • Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award, Whakatane
  • Norsewear Art Award, Waipukarau
  • Artists For Tibet, Luck Fun Gallery, Auckland
  • 10 Plus10Celebration Exhibition, Warwick Henderson Gallery
  • Multimedia Exhibition, Luck Fun Gallery, Auckland
  • Wallace Art Awards, Wallace Trust Gallery, Auckland
  • 100 x100 Exhibition, Drawings Gallery, Auckland
  • A5 Minor Masterpieces, Luck Fun Gallery, Auckland


  • Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award, Whakatane
  • Windsor and Newton Art Awards, New Zealand
  • North Shore City Art Awards, Auckland
  • Birkenhead Art Awards, Auckland
  • Women At the Aotea, Auckland
  • 100 x 100 Exhibition, Drawings Gallery, Auckland
  • Group Show, Warwick Henderson Gallery
  • Group Show, Soliloquy,Auckland


  • The Ida Eise Award, ASA Gallery, Auckland


  • Third International Art Fair, Melbourne


  • Celebrating Ten Years of Independent Artists, Roar, Melbourne
  • Homage To Spain, Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne Art Festival


  • Bad Mothers, Tin Sheds, The University of Sydney, NSW
  • Elam Group Show, Artis Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand


  • The Twelve Days Of Christmas, Austral. Centre For Contemporary Art, Melbourne
  • Heidelburg and Heritage, 9”x5” exhibition, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, Melbourne.
  • Watermarks, Landmarks, Centre Gallery, Queensland, Australia
  • Shire of Eltham Art Awards, Eltham City Art Gallery, Melbourne
  • Bad Mothers, Reconnaissance, Melbourne


  • National Women’s Art Award, The Centre Gallery, Queensland
  • Summer Salon, Roar 11, Melbourne


  • The Roar Portrait Show, Roar Studios, Melbourne
  • Caltex Art Awards, New Zealand


  • Raucous, Roar Studios, Melbourne Spoleto Fringe Festival,


  • Women In Art, Auckland, New Zealand


  • Sydney Morning Herald Art Awards, Sydney, Australia


  • Hertford Society of Arts, England


  • National Bank Art Awards, New Zealand


  • Auckland Society of Arts, Auckland, New Zealand


  • Department of Education Art Workshop Touring Exhibition.

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