2009  Smash Palace Art Science

Grant for 1st Stage PLUME   Art + Science Collaboration Raewyn Turner & Richard Newcomb, molecular biologist

2009 Creative New Zealand travel grant

to exhibit  and present at Third international Congress on Synaesthesia, Science and Art, Granada, Spain

2008 Kate Edgar Educational Charitable Trust Award

2008 AUT Faculty Design and Creative Technologies

Research Excellence Scholarship (Art & Design)

2008 Creative New Zealand

grant to present Pick Up Styx, in Corporeal Interfaces (Chair: Margaret Tan) the academic conference  at ISEA

2007 Travel  Research  grant Creative New Zealand

for Olfactory Research  Trip: Firmenich Headquarters, Geneva, Prague, Luca Turin, London, John Kerleo  at Osmotheque  Perfume Museum, 2007, Versailles. and to exhibit at 11th Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre  Architecture 2007

2007 Travel Award Creative Industries Research Institute Contestable Funds

AUT for Smell research in Europe

2007 CIANT and TranSiStor Game Modifications and Machinima

Films, 4 – day intensive workshop, Prague , supported by CIANT

2007 Full Fee Scholarship AUT Faculty Design and Creative Technologies

Postgraduate Art &Design

2006 Artists Residency, SCANZ

New Plymouth, NZ

2005 Residency CVS Summer School on Animal Navigation and Robotics

Centre for Visual Sciences,   Research School of Biological Sciences, National Institute of Bioscience, Australian National University, Canberra

2005  Screen Innovation Grant

$25,000, towards creating a 15 minute experimental    documentary, Lucky. Creative New Zealand.

2004 Digital Artist in Residence

Screen and Media, University of Waikato

2004  Artists Residency Biotech Art Workshop

Adelaide Arts Festival, Symbiotica and Experimental Art Foundation, Australia

2002 Thematic Artist Residency ‘Up Front and Personal’

Media Visual Arts, The Banff Centre Banff, Canada. Supported by The Banff Centre, the Tindall Foundation

2000 ANAT Alchemy International Masterclass  for New Media Artists and Curators

Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane. Australian Network for Art and Technology ( ANAT)

2000 Intersenses and New Technologies

MIM in collaboration with Electronic Music Foundation, New York, Leonardo (MIT Press Journals), and Laboratoire de Neurocybernetique Cellulaire. Artists Presentation (support France Embassy in NZ)